After a consultation with the doctor, a prospective patient may elect to proceed to our NeuroStructural examination.  The examination may also be scheduled for a later time if you so choose.  As always, the decision is yours and there is never any pressure.  The NeuroStructural examination is comprehensive, which means you should safely plan on allotting no less than 1 hr of your time.

What to Expect in Our NeuroStructural Examination:

  • Neurologic and Orthopedic Testing
  • Thermal scanning which uses infrared technology to measure nerve activity regulating your organs and glands
  • Surface EMG scanning which measures spinal muscle tone and how hard your muscles are working simply to keep you upright.
  • aOS (Autonomic Operating System) Measurement, which measures the effects of how the body is reacting to stress.
  • 3D Structural Analysis
  • Referral to a separate imaging facility for NeuroStructural X-rays (if necessary)

***Please be prepared to dress appropriately for the examination.  For men, it is required that you have an athletic/gym shirt and shorts available. The same is required for women but with the addition of a sports bra or one-piece bathing suit for women.

The NeuroStructural examination is not only designed to detect NeuroStructural Shifts but allows for a better understanding of normal – and a complete understanding of the underlying cause of your condition.  After your examination, you will be scheduled for a conference where we will explain our findings, how we can help you, and how things work if you should decide to work with our practice.