While no one is structurally perfect, there is a normal healthy range.  In the same manner, we can understand what a fever is because we know what the normal temperature is, or what constitutes high blood pressure because we are aware of the normal range.  There are established normals everywhere we look, including gauges and warning indicators on the dashboard of your car letting you know when things are abnormal.

At Thrive Chiropractic we are looking for a significant three-dimensional shift of the spine away from normal.  If the head and neck shifts in three directions, it will cause the shoulders and hips to twist, forcing the entire spine out of alignment.  These shifts will cause the muscles to spasm, the ligaments to deform, and disrupt the NERVES traveling down the spinal cord (electrical wiring of your body).  Many people have experienced a household item where the wire is clipped or disfigured.  The item no longer works, or doesn’t work the way it was intended to.  The same can be said about your body.

The Primary Condition we work with is a Structural Shift of the spine with emphasis on Atlas Displacement Complex and Anterior Head Syndrome correction.

Structural Shift